Rolette County Recreation

Golf Courses

Dunseith: Garden Gate Golf Club
9 holes, open to the public (701) 244-5211  Google Earth Picture

Rolla: Rolla Municipal Golf Club
The Rolla Municipal Golf Course is a very challenging 9 hole course. Located in the Turtle Mountains 2 miles north on Highway 30 and one mile west of Rolla, open to the public, ladies’ & men’s days, club facilities including snack bar, power cart rental (701) 477-6202.  Google Earth Picture

Rolette: Rolette Golf Course
9 hole, artificial greens, open to the public (701) 246-3644  Google Earth Picture



Belcourt                                                             Dunseith

                                                                                            Dale’s Motel & Truck Stop
                                                                                            Jct Hwy 3 & 5
                                                                                            (701) 244-5491

Turtle Mtn Chippewa Casino
Hwy 5 W

Rolette                                                               St. John

Rolette Motel                                                                        Cross Roads Range
Main St                                                                                 HCR 2 Box 36A
(701) 246-3733                                                                    7 miles West of St. John on Hwy 43
                                                                                             (701) 244-5225


Bilmar Motel
Hwy 5 W
(701) 477-3157 or (800) 521-0443


Hunting & Fishing License Information

Rolette County boasts of some of the best fishing in the country. Walleye, pike, muski, perch, bluegill, bass and trout can be found in the many lakes throughout Rolette County such as:

This pretty tree-lined lake is 6 miles west of St. John and 1 mile north, and is the largest lake in Rolette County. It gets plenty of year round fishing from both the locals and tourists, producing walleyes, 2 to 12 northern pike, large-mouth bass, bluegills and perch. There is a public beach area and fishing pier on the east side and a boat ramp on the north end of the lake.
Only a few folks find their way to this trout lake in the Wakopa Game Management Area, 8 miles west of St. John. Fishing is good for rainbow trout that range from 1 to 6 pounds and cuttthroat trout averaging 1 to 2 pounds. There is a boat ramp on the north end of lake, no motors allowed.
This lake is also in the Wakopa Game Management area, located 6 miles west and ˝ mile north of St. John. Perch, walleye, pike saugeye and large-mouth bass can be found in this lake. Boat ramp and a new fishing pier, campground and rest-rooms.
Located 10 miles west, 2 miles north and 1 mile east of St. John, also in the Wakopa Game Management area, this 82 acre lake has a maximum depth of 21 feet and an average depth of 12 feet. It is a fairly popular spot and at times 2 to 7 pound walleye and 2 to 5 pound northern pike are caught. A previous record small-mouth bass came out of Dion and the lake still has a few smallies up to 4 pounds. Good campground, boat ramp, dock.
This lake is located a few miles north of Belcourt and is managed by the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation. It has fair fishing with northern pike, perch, walleyes, bluegills and trout. A fishing permit is requires as well as a regular fishing license. Camping and boat ramp.
This lake, managed by the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation, is located a few miles north of Belcourt. Fair fishing for perch, walleye, rainbow trout and norther pike. A fishing permit is required as well as a regular fishing license. Camping and boat ramp available.
Located 9 miles west and 3 miles north of St John; has trout, smallmouth bass and bluegill. Electric motors only.
Fair lake for perch, northern pike and crappies. Located 9 miles north and 3 ˝ miles east of Dunseith.
School Section
This lake gets fishing pressure when the perch from Carpenter Lake decide they’d rather swim over and live in this 395 acre lake. The perch run 2 to 3 pounds and northern pike are mostly 2 pounds plus. It’s 9 miles north and 3 ˝ miles east of Dunseith.

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