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The Origin The office of county treasurer was created by the state constitution and the duties are listed in the North Dakota Century Code. Treasurers are elected for four-year terms on a non-partisan ballot during November elections. They take office in May. County treasurers are also members of the North Dakota Association of Counties.
Tax Season Spring, summer, autumn, winter are only four of the seasons of the year. Some people look forward to hunting season, others wait for football season. The main season for County Treasurers is Tax Season.
  Technically tax season begins January 1st when taxes become due. However, treasurers begin preparations months in advance. Computation of taxes takes place in November, and in December statements are mailed out.
  After March 1st unpaid taxes become delinquent and are subject to a penalty. Foreclosure on property takes place after five years. Treasurers are responsible for keeping track of all property taxes.
  • Receiving all incoming money
  • Balance accounts
  • Give daily statement to auditor
  • Collect fees and fines
  • Custodian of special funds
  • Monthly disbursement to county entities
  • Invest funds to receive the best return
  • Provide information to lending agencies